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The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks . . .’Tis not too late to seek a newer world.  - Tennyson

Outcrops of banded iron formation in the area range from highly magnetite-rich (left) to hematitic (center) to mixed (right).

Innovation Exploration Ventures is conducting investigations in these and other promising  areas and we invite serious inquiries for equity participation for specific projects or in our Frontier Exploration for World-Class ore deposits.​"

  ~We have a history of success in the search for  mineral deposits ~

Mines for Tomorrow

                 Field Work + Applied Technology + Unique Concepts = Mineral Discoveries    Mines



  • Rattlesnake Hills - a new gold district step-out (SOLD).
  • Sweetheart Iron Field - a large, high-quality iron-ore discovery in Wyoming.
  • Granite Ridge - a big hydrothermally altered system with mineralization.
  • Frontier Exploration - previously unknown mineral systems.



  • 1) Sweetheart Iron → Resource to reserve and feasibility stage → Project development.
  • 2) Granite Ridge → Define drill targets → drill & ore discovery.
  • 2) Frontier Exploration → define subtle mineral systems in the  Wyoming Mineral Belt → New projects.



  • SWEETHEART IRON FIELD - An iron-ore district estimated to contain up to 200,000,000 tons of recoverable iron in banded-iron formation deposits. Beneficiation grade of 72% Fe with no penalty elements.

  • RATTLESNAKE HILLS GOLD - Potential extension of a new gold district. (SOLD TO GFG RESOURCES).

  • GRANITE RIDGE - A district-size altered system with widespread lead, silver and rare-earths mineralization.

  • FRONTIER EXPLORATION - Across the Wyoming Mineral Belt we have identified several apparent mineral systems on the basis of extensive geochemistry aided by geophysics and verified by field observation.

  • PREVIOUS TO INNOVATION EXPLORATION - Several uranium deposits in Wyoming and South Dakota and gold in Montana.


  • SWEETHEART IRON FIELD - Focus on resource delineation (drilling) and beneficiation/process testing. Preliminary feasibility and market studies.

  • GRANITE RIDGE - Surface mapping, geophysical and geochemical surveys to identify drill targets. Possible limited drilling to test high-value target.

  • FRONTIER EXPLORATION - We believe that exploration across the Wyoming Mineral belt will find new ore districts. Refined knowledge of the origin and character of mineral systems is critical to understanding subtle clues associated with source intrusives and hydrothermal systems. Our innovative approach uses geochemical patterns matched with structure, geophysics and geologic interpretation. Fieldwork is the keystone of our program. Experience has demonstrated that we can effectively map the effects of a major hydrothermal system and associated magmatic events well beyond the ore district itself.