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About Our Company

Land & GIS


                    Jim Davis                                  Ron Marrs

Gail D. Sease (Junior Partner), Senior Geologist and GIS Analyst

Gail has a B.S. in geology from the University of Wyoming and an M.S. in geology from SMU. Gail also has her GIS certification from the University of West Florida and is conducting regional research using our exploration data-base which she and Amy are building. 

Field Camp

Amy D. Martin (Junior Partner), Landman and GIS Specialist

Amy is a graduate landman from the University of Colorado. She oversees the land records & annual payments for Innovation Exploration and partners. She has GIS graduate certification from the University of West Florida and is working with Gail on a GIS system for Innovation's land and exploration records.

Careful field work is one of the pillars of our prospecting effort. We search for the most subtle evidence for mineralogical, petrographic, geophysical, geochemical and suggestive geologic features.

Innovation Exploration Ventures  was founded in 2010 by Ron Marrs and Jim Davis. These senior partners bring to bear their combined experience and success in mineral exploration, geologic mapping, geophysical techniques, property evaluations, world-wide practice and familiarity with the metallogeny of ore deposits in many environments.

Expertise in land acquisition, geographic systems and geologic interpretation is provided by junior partners Amy Martin, Landman and Gail Sease, Geologist. Further project exploration expertise is provided as needed by select contract geologists, drillers and environmental/reclamation specialists. A full-time junior geologist will be hired for the field program.

Innovation is seeking forward-looking investors for specific projects as described in the Projects section or to participate in our grassroots exploration for new districts.