Gold Rim Project   (SOLD)

     The Rattlesnake Hills field of alkali intrusive and volcanic rocks is the site of recent gold discoveries. The rocks of this new district  are analogous to Cripple Creek, Colorado. Our early field reconnaissance indicated that the area some distance to the south and west of the Rattlesnake Hills to be favorable for gold mineralization. We acquired property and conducted a substantial exploration program with encouraging results.    We sold our property for cash, stock and a royalty to GFG Resources who are conducting an active exploration program in the district, including on our former property.

"The best iron ore I've seen."  Chief Metallurgist of the research laboratory which conducted the tests.

Granite Ridge Project:

Intense leaching, argillic alteration and brecciation (five breccia pipes) along a major fault zone with numerous outcrops of iron oxide gossens and anomalies of rare-earths, lead, zinc and gold. Our aeromagnetic survey indicates a Tertiary intrusive beneath later sedimentary cover. Metal distribution suggests at least two hydrothermal events of contrasting character and  a zoned system spanning several miles along the hydrothermal system. The next phase of exploration is to determine drilling targets.

Sampling altered zone at Granite Ridge

High-grade uranium core-hole intercept in epi-syenite hosted deposit, Copper Mountain,

‚ÄčOur frontier exploration approach - Field work guided by concepts born from experience and basic ore-systems principles, and disciplined by modest objective phased budgets - provides investors with an effective avenue to equity in high-potential exploration for world-class mines.

Ore grades within an epi-syenite hosted uranium deposit with an associated magnetic trend defines a promising, relatively unexplored  type of deposit with potential for high-grade uranium resources at Copper Mountain. A high gold in stream sediment anomaly is directly associated with the deposit.

Geochemical anomalies and alteration also suggest the potential for epithermal gold in the region.

Sweetheart Iron Field

EXPLORATION: A magnetic survey flown by Innovation revealed several intensive anomalies. Two widely separated drill holes confirmed up to 300 feet of iron-formation averaging 37% Fe. Several other targets have been identified by detailed magnetic surveys.

The Sweetheart Iron Field: Contained iron metal resources are in the range of 200,000,000 tons in quality ore (based on magnetic surveys correlated with initial drilling and beneficiation tests). With further confirmation work this could justify an integrated, high value added, complex including  mining, magnetic upgrading, metallization (DRI) and an electric-arc furnace (EAF) producing quality steel.

We own a large data base including drill-hole data for the entire Copper Mountain district and an option on a portion of the main drilled deposit. The district is richly endowed with uranium and while most of the known uranium resources in this district are  low-grade there is strong evidence for high-grade deposits in little explored epi-syenite rocks. Several areas of epithermal alteration and geochemical signatures suggest exploration potential, not only for uranium but for gold as well.

We have extensive experience with previous companies in the district, including prospecting, mine geology, mapping and exploration drilling which led to the discovery of a large uranium deposit. 


BENEFICIATION: Magnetic up-grading tests were conducted by a major research laboratory. The composite sample represented 270 feet of ore thickness averaging 37% Fe. Standard grinding and magnetic separation test returned a concentrate averaging 72% Fe at a recovery of 88% of the total iron with no penalty elements.

  • Twenty mile  zone of hydrothermal alteration along a major deep-seated complex fault zone.
  • Anomalies of gold, silver, lead, rare-earths and    uranium.
  • Five breccia pipes.
  • Magnetic survey indicates Eocene intrusive.

Frontier Investigations:

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 Exploration Geologists & Prospectors

Innovation Exploration Ventures LLC

Copper Mountain, Wyoming (uranium & gold)

Ron Marrs sampling breccia zone.

 Magnetic data acquisition.

Setting up geophysical survey camp.

Example of a frontier exploration area - Relative copper values in stream sediment samples across a regional area of several square miles. The dotted line is a concealed structural lineament.

Several prospective areas have been identified and follow-up field work has been continuing with encouraging results. Our early stage reconnaissance-type programs are designed to obtain decision-making results with a modest budget.

This is only one example of using micro-analysis in our regional exploration.