President Trump signed an executive order, instructing his deputies to devise “a strategy to reduce the Nation’s reliance on critical minerals” that are largely imported and used to produce everything from smartphones to weaponry.

Our Strategy

A Wyoming coal mine

Iron ore  Steel = Value added

A reclaimed Wyoming coal mine.

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This country is as much as 100% dependent on several unfriendly or unstable countries for many of our critical materials. It is time we did some serious exploration in the United States to help resolve that - it's not that we don't have the potential.

     tritium                                       gold                         platinum                                    antimony                                indium 

                             tungsten                                                               terbium                                         gallium
tantalum                                                             niobium                                            
                        copper                                                        phosphorus                         dysprosium                             uranium

                                             neodymium                                                                                                        rhenium  

                                europium                                                 rhodium                                          silver 

  germanium                                  beryllium                                                   zinc

                                                                   scandium                                                            yttrium


We have chosen Wyoming as our base for mineral exploration for a number of diverse but complementary reasons.

  1. Wyoming consistently ranks near the top in the Fraser Institute's ranking of the world's political jurisdictions favorable to mining.
  2. Wyoming's geology is complex and unique. Our metallogenic concept, research & especially field work confirms intriguing, untapped  world-class mineral potential.
  3. Wyoming infrastructure - A diversity of trained natural resource workers, railroads, highways, energy, abundant & cheap oil, gas & coal. Top-notch schools. A can-do attitude.
  4. Established and workable rules of mine reclamation.
  5. Marrs and Davis have over a century of combined geological & exploration wisdom, most of it in Wyoming.

A recent survey by the Fraser Institute puts Wyoming at the top of the list in political jurisdictions favorable to mining.

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